Energy Storage

Balancing Energy Efficiency

What is a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Battery Energy Storage Systems store electrical energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources for use when required. High energy users have the ability to come off the grid, flexibly. The DS3 market in Ireland enables organisations with energy consuming machinery and equipment to aggregate or trade their energy, which is greatly enhanced when introducing battery storage systems.

The grid operator is responsible for balancing supply and demand of electricity. With the introduction of more than 1600MW of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) in NI, balancing has become more challenging. At times of enexpected increases in demand, energy storage can be used to discharge power back to the Systems Operator (SONI). Participating in this ‘demand balancing’ provides businesses with significant rewards. Energy Storage is used to ‘smooth out’ the supply from VRE which is unrelaible by nature.


Why now?

Energy Systems are going through a period of rapid and fundamental change due to the emergence of digital technologies, use of renewable energy sources and falling battery prices. This presents a variety of challenges to the grid and huge opportunities for business consumers. The historic, centralised model of energy systems that regarded consumers as passive is being overturned.

Continu offers battery storage solutions in partnership with global leading energy storage solution manufacturers. By storing electrical energy (BESS) the business consumer can manage variability from on site renewable energy, balancing supply and demand, and creating new income streams for business consumers.


What are the Benefits of Battery Storage Systems?

• Generate new revenue streams – by participating in the DS3 market (sums up to £100K availabe for every MW of onsite consumption)
• Create Savings in Energy Bills- competitive advantage
• Invest in a futureproof infrastructure assest
• Actively manage the shape and timing of your energy use using smart technologies
• Become a ‘pro-sumer’ -increase resilience and profit from managing your energy consumption at source.
• Eliminate reliance on expensive and ‘dirty’ diesel generators
• Backup Power during outage
• Integration with existing UPS technology

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